Fillings, corrections, treatments, cosmetic dentistry and prosthodontics

Popravke lecenja estetska stomatologija usluge


All interventions are made under anesthesia with the best materials, techniques and devices.


Today patients have high aesthetic demands. Fillings are made in several shades so the light reflection is equal to reflection of natural tooth. Patients can choose between full ceramic crowns, veneers, clinical crown lengthening surgery, Mucogingival surgery to repair the red-and-white aesthetic smile lines, teeth whitening and tooth jewelry.


We offer all kinds of prosthetics, metal ceramic crowns and bridges, full ceramics, zirconium ceramics, veneers, ceramic fillings, full and partial dentures (classical and Vironit skeleton), Valplast. After a thorough extra oral and intraoral inspection we make a treatment plan and at the end we present the final plan for the patient and an invoice. Each work is in accordance with the wishes and possibilities of the patient. The prosthetic works are made in the maximum short term. Temporary crowns are obligatory for the normal social interaction and reduced sensitivity of treated teeth. All prosthetic works have warranty period.