Would you like to fix your teeth for reduced price (even 70%), but at the same time spend your holiday in a beautiful European city on the Danube – Novi Sad?

This the opportunity for you. Dental material and the service is according to European standards.
Come to Novi Sad and go back with healthy and perfect smile. Before you arrive we will help you to book a private or hotel accommodation in our city, with a possibility of visit interesting places in our surroundings. Previous planning and agreements on the date of therapy are needed. We can also provide organized transport from and to the airport.

Dental procedures


– Small X-rays
in case of major surgical procedures, the patient should provide a panoramic X-ray of the entire jaw

Aesthetic and reconstructive stomatology

– Conservative dental medicine, cosmetic dentistry
– Composite fillings (white), teeth whitening
– Dental pathology (treatment of oral disease)
– Endodoncy-endodontics ( performing root canal therapy )

Dental implantology

– Supplementing one tooth with an implant
– Bridges with implants
– Complex reconstructions of toothless jaw with implants mini implants – C- Tech


– Mobile prosthetics and combined prosthetic works, fixed and mobile
– Complete dentures
– Partial dentures, combined work dentures
– Crowns and bridges
– Metal – free aesthetic crowns


– Removing of dental calculus
– Curettage of periodontal pockets
– Periodontics – treating gums and bone supporting the teeth

Oral surgery
Pediatric and preventive dentistry

– Braces or ortho appliance